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Services Offered

Financial Independence

  • Preparation of a retirement cash flow model, to determine the ideal age to comfortably retire, take Social Security and receive pension payments
  • Optimized tax efficient distribution of portfolio income, based on a sustainable withdrawal rate
  • Analysis of the impact of education funding on financial independence
  • Prepare for health insurance cost and long-term illness risk management

 Income Tax Planning Strategies

  • Identify strategies to reduce personal and business income tax liabilities
  • Proactively coordinate with tax preparer
  • Implement capital gains tax management / tax loss harvesting
  • Prepare annual portfolio income estimates

 Estate Planning Strategies

  • Review current estate plan to ensure consistency with family needs and distribution intent.
  • Explore methods of estate conservation and distribution through gift and estate tax reduction strategies
  • Work in conjunction with client’s estate planning attorney
  • Coordinate titling and beneficiary designations

Equity Compensation

  • Advise on cash and equity compensation, tax deferral and executive incentive programs
  • Provide actionable incentive and non-qualified stock options exercise strategies and implementation
  • Coordinate equity compensation strategies with income tax and financial planning
  • Provide risk management strategies for concentrated single stock positions (10b5-1 plans, collars and monetization strategies)

Business Succession 

  • Help to identify potential successor owners
  • Analyze issues surrounding next generation management
  • Resolve when and how and what value to transfer business
  • Seek to minimize tax implications of succession transactions

Risk Management

  • Audit existing insurance contracts (life, disability & long-term care)
  • Furnish insurance gap analysis (life, disability and long-term care)
  • Implement non-insurance risk reduction strategies

Client Portfolio & Asset Allocation

  • Monitor global macroeconomic conditions and adjust portfolios to seek maximum risk adjusted returns
  • Evaluate current investments and recommend tactical asset allocation* to achieve financial goals.  
  • Establish, implement, monitor and ensure coordination of personalized investment plan
  • Provide individualized tax efficient portfolio management
  • Timely individualized portfolio reviews

Employer Sponsored Retirement 

  • Analyze present retirement plans including company sponsored profit sharing, 401(k), pension plans, and deferred compensation
  • Identify additional retirement planning opportunities where appropriate
  • Assist small business owners with the design and implementation of retirement plans to maximize income tax deferral

*Tactical allocation may involve more frequent buying and selling of assets and will tend to generate higher transaction cost.  Investors should consider the tax consequences of moving positions more frequently.

Wealth Advocate Group and LPL Financial do not provide legal and/or tax advice or services. Please consult your legal and/or tax advisor regarding your specific situation.

No strategy assures success or protects against loss.